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3.7 Level 2 PunchOut

PECOS P2P fully supports 'Level 2 PunchOut' or 'Item Level PunchOut' for PunchOut (External Marketplace) suppliers who are able to provide a catalogue in support of their PunchOut site. The principal benefit of Item Level PunchOut is that a user is able to search a PunchOut supplier catalogue alongside all other hosted catalogue content from the Item Search screen. The buyer is therefore able to see both catalogue and PunchOut items in search results for comparison and informed purchasing decision making.

3.7.1 Means of Searching

A PunchOut supplier who has provided a catalogue to support their own transactional site will have items indexed as 'PunchOut' type items for catalogue search purposes.
Parameter Search: although the supplier will not appear separately in the supplier list, results will be included in an 'All' supplier search.
Quick Search: items will appear in search results.
External Market Place: the supplier will appear in the External Market Place screen for PunchOut connection in the normal way.

3.7.2 Search Results

Items that have been loaded and indexed as 'Level 2 PunchOut' items will appear in the search result page with no price, item detail information or quantity box. These item types cannot be added directly to a PECOS P2P shopping basket.
An 'External Item' hyperlink will replace the quantity box to invoke a PunchOut to the supplier.

Fig 3.1 Level2Results.png

To select and add the item to your PECOS P2P shopping basket, click the 'External Item' link. The system will PunchOut to the supplier's transactional site where the item will appear in the supplier's shopping cart. Standard PunchOut functionality is now adopted and you are able to optionally continue searching and shopping in the supplier site. Checking out will return the items back to a PECOS P2P basket in the usual way. 


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