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3.4 Quick Search

When you know the item you are looking for but maybe do not know the supplier, Quick Search is the best way to find it. Text entered in the Quick Search box will be used to search all fields in all the catalogues that you have access to. It is therefore a very powerful search tool which may present you with a wide range of results. For example, entering the word ‘paper’ could return results such as Paper clips, Note paper, Paper recycling services and Toilet paper! It may also return items such as Notebooks, because they are classified as paper goods.

The following options are available in the Quick Search box to enable you to create an accurate and logical search string. Additionally, beneath the Quick Search box are two additional checkboxes: synonyms and spell checker, which you can use to refine your quick search further.

3.4.1 Multiple Words and Boolean Characters

Multiple words can be entered to create a refined search. The Boolean characters of ‘and’, ‘not’ and ‘or’ can be used, with ‘and’ being the assumption between each separate word entered if a space is used. Words may be entered in any order.

For example if the words: “toner black laserjet” are all entered (with a space between each word), PECOS will search for all items that contain the word ‘toner’ and the word ‘black’ and the word ‘laserjet’ in any catalogue field for a single item. In this way it is possible to quickly find black LaserJet toner cartridges.

For example if the words: “white envelope not window” are entered (with a space between each word), PECOS will search for all items that contain the word ‘white’ and the word ‘envelope’ but not the word ‘window’. This time our search results will contain all non-window type envelopes that are white.

For example if the words: “black or blue” are entered, the search results will consist of items that contain either the colour black or the colour blue. In this way you are able to search for the correct coloured items.

Note that the Quick Search is not case sensitive.

3.4.2 Wildcard Characters

A wildcard character of an asterisk (*) can be inserted at the beginning, middle or end of any word. This allows you to search using a partial text string where you are not sure of a spelling. The asterisk will be taken to assume ‘any character’.

For example, if the word ‘vacum’ is entered, PECOS is unlikely to return any search results because it is incorrectly spelt. By using the wildcard character the text ‘vacu*’ can be entered. PECOS will find all items that contain any word that starts with ‘vacu’. In this way we will be able to find all the vacuum cleaner related items in our catalogues.

3.4.3 Mixed Options

As you gather in confidence using Quick Search and get acquainted with your supplier catalogues you can begin to mix search options. Multiple words, Boolean characters and wild cards can all be used together to quickly find items.

For example, to find a box of formatted 3.5” diskettes manufactured by Sony we could enter the search text: “sony disk* not unformatted”.

For example, to find blue and black fine tip pens from the supplier Corporate Express we could enter the search text: “fine pen corporate not red green”

3.4.4 Synonyms

This box allows for searches where different supplier’s terminology and yours may differ slightly. For instance, if you are looking for “laptop” computers and your suppliers have listed these items as “notebook” or “portable” computers, the Synonym search enables the system to recognise that “laptop”, “notepad” and “portable” may mean the same thing.

Each time any one of these words is entered in the quick search box PECOS will search for all of them. They have become synonymous with each other.

3.4.5 Spell Checker

This box allows PECOS to find items even if the search criterion is misspelled. An example would be “xerographic paper”. A user who has the spell check box turned on who misspells this item as “zerographic” would still find the correct item. When the spell checker box is ticked PECOS looks for an ‘approximate match’ to the word(s) entered.

3.4.6 Using Quick Search

  1. Click the Item Search tab to open the PECOS P2P search page.
  2. In the section headed Quick Search, type one or multiple key words for the item you are looking for, such as ‘toner’.
  3. Click the search button to locate all items matching your entered criteria. The search criteria section of the page will collapse and search results will display.
  4. Review and filter results and select an item by typing the desired quantity in the Qty field.
  5. Click the Add button to add the item(s) to your shopping basket.

3.4.7 Preferred Items

Some catalogue items may have been assigned a preferential rating by your system administrators or contract managers, in order for you to make a more informed purchasing decision. These items will appear by default at top of the search results list. If you wish to refine your search results to include only items that are marked as preferred, check the 'Preferred Items Only' box at the top of the screen.
It is also possible that your administrators have allowed access only to preferred items and preferred suppliers, in which case non-preferred items will not appear in catalogue search results, irrespective of the 'Preferred Items Only' selection. 


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