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3.1 The Shopping Basket

To create a Requisition, you must search for items you need and add them to your Shopping Basket; thereby simply creating a list of items you want to purchase.
You are not limited to one supplier per basket or requisition: each can contain items from different suppliers. PECOS P2P will sort your basket automatically by supplier.
There are several ways to add items to your basket. The first way is to search through electronic catalogues using the different Search methods available. Another way is to add items from a saved Templates containing frequently purchased items.
There will sometimes be items and/or services that you will need to purchase that are not available in your electronic catalogues. These are called ‘Non-Catalogue’ items and can be added to your basket simply by entering a description of the goods or services you need. The permission to add a Non-Catalogue item must be granted to you by your system administrator.
Items can also be added to a basket through PunchOut to a supplier's transactional web site and searching catalogues held and maintained by them. If a supplier uses PunchOut they will not send an electronic catalogue for loading and searching direct in PECOS P2P but instead you will connect to their web site through a link in PECOS P2P. You can then search their catalogues, fill a shopping basket of items and export the supplier basket back into your P2P basket.
Finally PECOS P2P may allow you to add electronic forms to your basket. These forms may be external forms like a printing request or internal forms like a holiday request.
Your completed basket will contain some default information that is drawn from your user profile and the supplier’s profile. Before submitting the basket as a purchase requisition you are able to make changes to these default values. For example you may be able to change delivery addresses, add delivery dates or alter financial tracking information. Comments and attachments may also be added to your order requests.


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