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10.3 Cancel a Requisition

Requisitions can be cancelled (i.e. after a Shopping Basket has been submitted) as long as they are pending approval in a requisition approval plan. Requisitions cannot be cancelled after purchase orders have been created.

  1. Click on the Documents tab to open the document search page.
  2. Enter search criteria to find the requisition you wish to cancel (see Document Search). 
  3. In the Document Search Results screen click on the requisition number of the requisition you wish to cancel. The Requisition Status Summary screen will open.
    Note that the order status of your requisition must be ‘Requisition requires approval routing’. If the order status reads: ‘Order requires approval routing’, the option to cancel will not be available since purchase orders have already been created.
  4. Click on the Cancel  requisition button at the top of the Requisition Status Summary screen.
  5. PECOS P2P will cancel the requisition and confirm with the text: ‘Requisition cancelled’, at the top of the page.
    • The requisition history will be saved and its status changed to ‘Requisition cancelled’
    • The requisition will be removed from the approver’s inbox
    • The requisition is retained in your order history for future reference


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