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8.6.1 Purchase Order Content

Your organisation will either have its own bespoke purchase order template or it will (more commonly) use the standard PECOS purchase order layout.

The standard PECOS purchase order contains all the information normally requested by a supplier and is presented in a standard template. The same template is used for all orders and for all suppliers but will be customised for your organisation:

  • Your organisation’s logo will appear in the top left hand corner.
  • Terms and conditions of supply will appear automatically at the foot of the order. These will be either your organisation’s standard terms or they may be supplier specific if the supplier has been configured to use a bespoke file.

Additional optional fields will display depending on your system configuration and the fields entered during the requisitioning process.

  • VAT Types may optionally display at line level, with a VAT Types table appearing at the bottom of the order to provide a description of the tax types used.
  • Estimated VAT and Gross amounts may optionally appear. Estimated VAT charged on each net extended line amount will display alongside the VAT Type, the sum of the estimated line amounts will display as a total and the sum of the extended amounts + estimated VAT will be displayed as an estimated gross order amount. The sum of estimated VAT by type will also display in the VAT Types table.
  • Item User Defined Fields may appear as text at line level.
  • A box for the physical signature of a senior manager may optionally be displayed at the bottom of the order.
  • Procurement Card payment information may display if a procurement card is used for financial settlement.


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