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7.5 Editing Blanket Orders

Blanket orders can be edited according to permissions granted by the blanket order creator.

  1. Click the Blanket  Orders tab to open the Blanket Order Listing screen.
  2. EditReleaseIcon.pngIn the Edit Blanket column click on the edit icon that corresponds to the blanket order that you wish to edit. The Blanket Order Policy screen will open.

The following blanket order policy fields are editable:

  • Blanket Order Name: Retype or amend the blanket name.
  • Expiration Date: Click on the calendar icon to update the expiration date.
  • Contract Number: Retype or amend the contract information.
  • Attachments: Click on the paper clip icon to open the comments and attachments page. Existing details can be deleted and amended, or new details can be added to the blanket order.
  • Status: The blanket order can be either deactivated or activated by selecting the appropriate radio button.
  • Notification Controls: Update as required.
  • Blanket Owner: Use the user lookup button to redefine the blanket owner.
  • Blanket User: Use the user lookup button to redefine the blanket user, or click the red delete cross to remove the existing blanket user.

The following key blanket order policy fields, which may have been used to define prior blanket releases, are not editable:

  • Supplier Name
  • Blanket Type
  • Not To exceed Amount (if amount based)
  • Effective Date (i.e. start date)
  • All Processing Conditions

3. The following buttons are available for editing purposes at the top of the blanket order policy screen:

  • Cancel: Click this button to return to the previous blanket order listing screen without saving any changes.
  • Save: Click save to save your changes and return to the blanket order listing screen.
  • Copy: Click here to copy this blanket order. The copy functionality is described in detail below.
  • Blanket  order detail: Click this button to open the blanket order detail screen. This screen is view only and no edits are permitted to the original line items or quantities.
  • Blanket  order permissions: Click here to open the blanket order permissions screen. Both release and maintenance permissions are fully editable. Refer to the ‘Creating Blanket Orders’ section above for a detailed description of this screen.


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