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13.3 RMA

Returns Numbers

When returning goods to a supplier they will often require you to first obtain a returns number, sometimes know as an RMA (Return Material Authorisation). Goods are then returned to the supplier using this number as a tracking reference.

It is advisable for you to obtain a returns reference irrespective of your supplier’s procedures, since it acts as a ‘reverse’ order number and is to your advantage. It will enable you to control and manage the return of goods and track the receipt of either replacement goods or a credit note.

Although inconvenient, some vendors may require you to contact them directly to obtain a returns number prior to returning goods. The PECOS P2P RMA Number feature allows you to request a returns reference electronically.

If the supplier profile allows electronic RMA number requests, you will see a ‘submit RMA request’ button on the returns page. By completing a simple pre-populated form and submitting it through PECOS P2P a predefined supplier contact will receive a formatted eMail requesting an RMA number. The supplier will then contact you (via eMail or phone) with a reference. You will then be able to return your goods quoting this official returns reference.

Note that the submission of an RMA request is not a mandatory part of completing a return in PECOS P2P but an added feature for your convenience. There is no direct link between the RMA request and the return.

Request an RMA

The RMA request quantity is validated to the order and receipt quantities and cannot be greater than either. It is recommended therefore that receipting is performed before the RMA request is made.

  1. Navigate to the Documents tab and search for the order for which you wish to request an RMA number (see Document Search).
  2. From the Document Search Results screen click on the Order Number and navigate to the Return Items page by clicking on the ‘return items’ button.
  3. Click on the ‘submit RMA request’ button at the top of the Return Items page to open the ‘Request RMA’ screen.

    Note that the ‘submit RMA request’ button will not be displayed if the supplier has not been configured to accept RMA requests.

    The Request RMA page is pre-populated with the line level details from the purchase order. The requisitioner’s name and contact details will appear defaulted from the user profile at the top of the screen:

    Fig 13.31 RMARequestScreen.png
    Your Name, Phone and Fax details are editable: please ensure these are correct since they will be used by the supplier to contact you with an RMA number.
    To return to the Return Items page without sending a request, use the back button on your web browser.
  4. The following details need to be entered on the RMA Request form. The only mandatory field is the quantity.
    • Quantity (mandatory) - enter the quantity being returned in the ‘Qty’ field. The quantity entered cannot be greater than either quantity ordered or the quantity received. A decimal quantity of up to six decimal places is supported.
    • Condition - choose the condition of the items being returned. Select one from the following list by clicking in the drop down box:
      • Factory Sealed
      • Open Box
      • Not Original Box
    • Serial numbers - Optionally enter any serial numbers of the items being returned.
    • Reason - Choose a return reason by selecting from the drop down list box:
      • Defective
      • Duplicate Shipment
      • Freight Damage
      • Order Cancellation
      • Order Entry Error
      • Duplicate Order
      • Other
      • Wrong Product Ordered
      • Wrong Product Shipped
  5. Type in any additional Comments or Notes in the space provided.
  6. When complete click on the ‘Submit’ button at the top of the form.

An eMail containing the information entered will be sent to a predetermined contact at the supplier, requesting an RMA number. PECOS P2P will return you to the Return Items page where you can continue with further returns activities. Notice that the order audit trail will have been updated with the RMA request activity.

The supplier should now contact you through an appropriate means, with a returns reference number.


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